Takeaway by Jackie Kay. (Space one, Friday 7th August 2015) ***

It took me some time to get into this show. The young cast were extremely enthusiastic and they were clearly enjoying taking part. Onions become a metaphor for several issues (drug taking, immigration, familial love). The story worked on several layers, like an onion, I suppose. The piece was an exploration of young people’s lives, and was well put together.
The company used a mixture of movement and dialogue to tell several stories which came together in the end.
The selling point for me was Jackie Kay’s name in the title, and I’m glad I went to see it, but it hasn’t been one of my favourite shows so far.
Things that I needed to Know

On my ticket it said Space One and the address was 88 High Street. After I walked up and down the High Street several times, I realised that the venue was actually in the Raddison Blu hotel.


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