Divas (Pleasance Dome, Friday 7th August) ****

This was my first show of the Fringe this year, and I really enjoyed it. Basically, it is about two people falling in love. The protagonists are both very different men, but they both share a passion for the music of Divas. That’s singers like Dusty, Aretha and Diana Ross. The story is told by the two men interspersed with songs sung by women dressed up like a sixties girl group. The women also take on the roles of other characters and sometimes act as the voices of men as well.

What I really enjoyed about this show was that the two men each tell the narrative in a different order, presenting alternative viewpoints and possible conclusions. There’s some good performances from the two leads.

Things I Needed to Know

Many venues have more than one site and stupidly (in my view), call them the same thing. So Pleasance Dome is on the other side of town from Pleasance Courtyard. Be warned that if you turn up at the wrong Pleasance, it’s a 10 to 15-minute dash across town.


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