Jaume Plensa (Yorkshire Sculpture Park)

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Textures, light and form are so enticing in the Jaume Plensa exhibition coming to a close at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. What is striking about this exhibition is the way the exhibits interact with the natural light creating shadows and colours around them.  The visitors become the gallery as the shadows created by the exhibits project letters on their faces.   The heads in the landscape are like shadows themselves as if projected rather than being real.  The exhibition presents a place for the visitor to think as they contemplate the work amongst the sounds that the exhibits in the underground gallery create.  Much of the work has a vastness as well as a sense of the minute detail, which was one of the things that fascinated me about it.  I have returned to it several times now, and experienced different ways of looking each time I have visited, especially as the weather changed the way I looked each time. On a foggy day there was something mysterious as the heads in the park were hidden in the mist and on a crisp sunny winter’s day the light was captured in each exhibit in beguiling ways.

I couldn’t help thinking of the Silence in the Library (Dr Who) when I went into the room with the alabaster heads.  They looked like virtual heads but they are so solid and yet really  fragile….’saved.’

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