Short Review: Birthday (Royal Court, 21st July 2012)

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Last time I saw Lisa Dillon was in Taming of the Shrew at the RST. Here she is playing the wife of a man giving birth, and was just as compelling to watch as she was as Kate.

This is a 90 minute piece set in the maternity ward of a hospital and the twist is that it is the husband that is giving birth as the his wife attempts to support him through the labour and various complications.  It was an entertaining piece with some great lines and laughs. it also explored the NHS and the process of giving birth and by swapping the sexes round questioned some of our attitudes to gender.  For example, I didn’t feel I had a problem with the woman wanting to go back to work, but I think I might have been less supportive of a man wanting to leave the woman to look after the baby.

I was sat right on the front row, so at times the set created problems with the sight lines, but I really liked the way that it spun round to represent time passing.

Birthday was enjoyable and entertaining, with some thought-provoking moments, but nothing too deep.


The Royal Court

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