The Caucasian Chalk Circle (West Yorkshire Playhouse 9th October 2009)

I really enjoyed this production of Brecht’s play at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and the Quarry Theatre was an ideal venue for this big production with a choir on stage.  There was that sense of a theatrical event that the National Theatre were trying to achieve with their production of Mother Courage, but none of the fussiness that I experienced on the first night of Deborah Warner’s production.  Shared Experience brought out the theme of story telling really well.  Though the production was three hours long it never felt that it was dragging on.  I felt the characterisation was excellent and the use of the puppet was wonderful.  The singing brought an extra layer of narration and the use of props was imaginative and really set the scene well.  This was a brutal world, where money did not always triumph, and the love story running through the play was a contrast to the corruption and violence.

 Reviews and Previews

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