A Streetcar Named Desire (Donmar Warehouse, 12th September 2009)

The small Donmar auditorium was hot and felt steamy reflecting really well the atmosphere of the Tennessee Williams play, I’d come to see.  This was an excellent production.  I must admit, I was gripped all the way through and I agree with my of the critics that Rachel Weisz was a stellar performance.  I also felt that the other members of the cast did a really good job.  The stunning red dressing gown that Blanche wore seemed to represent the passion and contrast that she brought to a her sister’s house.  I felt really caught up in Blanche as an actress, playing her part well, but always feeling that she would be ‘found out’, that all this would not lead to a ‘good end’.  The dream sequences were extremely effective and I really felt Blanche’s sense of loss, as well as her guilt.  There was not attraction to Stanley.  He was a brutish man, but I did feel that at times he felt threatened by Blanche’s presence.

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