Moses Jones (BBC2, 9th February 2009)

It was really horrific watching a woman have her face smashed with a hammer last night in the continuing Police drama Moses Jones. It’s a drama as I’ve said before that doesn’t really spare us the details of both the mental and physical violence. I am struggling to follow Moses Jones because it is very complex in terms of the plot development, so enjoy is the wrong word, but I am finding the whole programme fascinating. The programme follows complicated relationships and the consequences of past lives, meetings and actions. It’s a programme where characters may not say what they feel but it is expressed on their faces and though body language. This was the point of Joy and Moses simulating action for the CCTV camera (also a device used in Corrie tonight as well), what you thought you saw might not really be the truth. As viewers we are constantly reminded in the programme of smoke and mirrors, so I am prepared for some twists in the third episode next week.

Is Moses falling in love with Joy?

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