Olivier Awards- Tennant is not up for an Award

As I am reading through my Reader and Google Alerts, I get information that David Tennant has not been nominated for an Olivier award. I feel a little sense of disappointment. Probably because I have felt that I have been tied up with this production for so long. Probably a little harder for David Tennant than me, though Patrick Stewart and Oliver Ford Davies have been nominated for the supporting actors’ category. So the National Theatre did Ok and Derek Jacobi has been nominated for his part of Malvolio in Twelfth Night. I am now looking forward to going to see this in a week or so’s time. What really struck me was that Tennant still grabbed the headlines even though he hadn’t been nominated. It was more Tennant missed out rather than who had actually been nominated. Michael Billington in his The Guardian blog didn’t focus on Tennant but was disappointed that Kenneth Branagh wasn’t nominated.
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