Street Art, Tate Modern (2nd August 2008)

The Tour is free and you get a map of where to go, so we decided to give it a go. It was interesting and not always easy to find the works, though I must admit sometimes we couldn’t see for looking. The Tour takes you along the back streets around the Tate, and you go under railways, past the amazing Red Cross cottages, over main roads and to a basket ball court. We did it in about an hour and I liked seeing parts of London, I might not have actually seen if I hadn’t done the Tour.
One of the things that the guide says is that the works will change in the environment. They might get damaged by weather (or humans) and will just change through normal wear and tear.
I felt that the tour could be more interactive. It would have helped to have had a little bit about the works as we went round. I know that this takes away from the ‘urbaness’ of them, but it is an exhibition at the end of the day.
It’s interesting to compare though to the Grand Masters in York. Maybe this exhibition was more ‘lux’ than the Grand Masters, but it is moving art outside the Gallery and into the public domain.

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